Information and how to care your Rottweiler dog

Origin- Germany

Rottweiler standard

Height – Male dog 23 to 28 inches and Female dog 21 to 25 inches
Weight – Male dog 50 to 60 kg and Female dog 35 to 45 kg
Life span – 9 to 12 years
Litter size – 7 to 12
Color – Black and Tan

Information – Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a strongest and guard dog breed. Rottweiler are strong, loyal and affectionate dogs and, when trained properly, can make excellent pets. The Rott is one of the oldest of herding breeds. its a muscular dog breed. some people say its a aggressive dog breed but its a not attacking breed its totally depend on your training. Rott have a royal personality
One of the oldest known breed. its a medium large dog breed. it has a great strength, heavy bone size and strong body. Start your rott exercise in 2-3 months age and social your dog otherwise some time they become aggressive. In some country Rott use in police force because of his ability. A well-bred Rottweiler is calm and confident

Diet plan of rottweiler

They need good quality of food according to strength. if you give high nutrition food to your rott, your dog life and health will be improve. Dog health and life span depend on your diet and care. if you give home made food so take care of it give high nutrition food and dont give a food which is bad for dogs.

Physical care of rottweiler

Take care your dog physically its also important. rottweiler need to more physically exercise Example- walk 5 to 7 km per day. Comb your dog in alternate days or weekdays for better coat, regularly bath and check your dog claw. Walk your dog on road it in good for nails and feet. they love to play give some time to your dog. They learn easily, benefit of exercise is maintain the weight of your dog. Rottweiler is a great learner breed.

Information About Pitbull Dog Breed

Standard of Pitbull

  • World strongest dog breed
  • Height – Male dog 18 to 22 inches and Female dog 16 to 20 inches.
  • Weight – Male dog 16 to 26 kg and Female dog 15 to 22 kg.
  • Life span – 10 to 12 year is average life span, in others its depend on your care.
  • Litter size – 5 to 10 puppies is a average litter size.
  • Color – There is many colors in pit bull. we cant specify colors.


There is misunderstanding regarding the pit bull dog breed. Most of the pitbull have pedigree either American Stafford shire Terriers, American Pitbull Terriers and bull terrier. In ukc ( united kennel club ) American pitbull terrier is recognized purebred. The pitbull was bred by crossing Bull and Terrier dog. The american pitbull terrier is a purebred but it is not recognized by american kennel club. ABPT is taller then other terrier family. Most people talk about red nose you can say its a type of purebred american pitbull terrier ( ABPT )
There are type of dog but not a specific breed breed-

  1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  2. American pit bull terrier
  3. American Staffordshire Terrier

One of the main thing is people talk about pit bull is a attacker or aggressive dog breed but its a totally myth. its depend on your training. how to train your pitbull. Some people use it in fighting games for only entertainment (its a illegal ) they are not aggressive but they capable to train for attacking Because its a very strong and muscular dog breed. everyone heard some time other breeds also attack on human. It is a short coat breed, they can easily adjust in weather. its a companion dog breed.Some people crop there ears but its not good for dog after cropping it takes time to heal and your will be in pain in long time. some time they scratch there ears after cropping and get more injury. Please dont play with animals for entertainment.

Information About German shepherd dog

 Origin of the German Shepherd Dog is Germany. The German Shepherd Dog is a breed of large-size dog breed, As part of the Herding and guarding ship.

German shepherd Standard

World most popular dog breed
Height – Male dog is 24 to 26 inches and Female dog is 22 to 24 inches.
Weight – Male dog 34 to 43 kg and Female dog 23 to 33 kg.
Life span – 10 to 12 year ( its a expectancy not a specific age )
Litter size – 5 to 10 pups.
color – Main color in German shepherd is black and tan but now a days you can see black German shepherd and white German shepherd.

Information- German shepherd

German shepherd dog breed is a large size dog breed originated in Germany  Its a energetic dog. Shepherds are very intelligent, loyal, and obedient. Its a good dog breed. if you want to have a guard and family dog breed then it is the best dog breed. But you have to take more care of it its require more care compare with other dog breed. Shepherd require good diet (nutrition) ,require daily combing and regular exercise. if you can have more care of it its a best breed for you. You have to give calcium and vitamins to your dog on regular basis. this dog breed use in military and police for many purposes. This breed get along well with children and other pets if raised with them, but in keeping with their guarding instincts, they tend to be leery of strangers.

Diseases in German Shepherd

If you do not take good of your dog, then it is prone to diseases such as

Hip dysplasia in German shepherds

Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition that causes German Shepherds’ leg bones to fit poorly into their hip sockets, more common in large and giant dog breed. This condition can drastically reduce a dog’s quality of life and is painful for owners to watch.

Degenerative Myelopathy in German Shepherds

Degenerative myelopathy is a nerve disease that starts in dog’s spinal cord. Your dog struggle to get up, and as the disease progresses. your dog could lose bowel and urinary control. The dog might also struggle to get up because the disease causes muscle weakness. Dogs with degenerative myelopathy can become paralyzed.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy in German Shepherds

A heart affected by dilated cardiomyopathy is incapable at pumping blood. oxygenated blood is not distributed properly through the body. The heart becomes large in size. its ventricular walls get thinner. sometimes In dilated cardiomyopathy cause fluid to build up in the lungs.

Please take care of your dog and give the best life. they also have heart and expectation from owner

How To Care New Puppies At Home

First, choose the perfect breed according to your environment. This Paragraph is for puppies Up to 45 days.

There Are 20 Points that can help your for puppies care:

  1. Clean your puppies daily.
  2. Feed your puppies at least four-time In a day.
  3. Do not overfeed.
  4. Never take them outside without complete vaccination.
  5. Complete Deworming timely as its most important.
  6. Purchase two bowls, one for food and other for water.
  7. Always give neat and clean water.
  8. Remove breakable item, from where you keep Your puppies
  9. Lock or keep away floor cleaner and chemical items like toilet Cleaner.
  10. Give the best quality food to your puppies
  11. Give a calcium bone or other sticks for biting
  12. Keep basic tools for example brush, Gloves, And Comb.
  13. Choose best shampoo for your puppies. Do not Use human products.
  14. Provide smooth harness and check it from time to time as it should not so tight.
  15. Give them love and care Because your home is a new place for your puppies.
  16. Keep some time for your puppy and play with your little friend, as he or she will be happy to play with you.
  17. Close all the low windows.
  18. Do not feed human food, It’s Not Healthy For Your Puppy.
  19. Protect your puppy from toxic food.
  20. Your puppy needs exercise otherwise they will put over weight.

Information About Labrador Retriever Dog Breed

Labrador Retriever

Origin- Canada
*colors – There Are Three Colors in Labrador
(1) – Black
(2) – Yellow
(3) – Chocolate

*Life Span – Average life Span Is 10 to 12 Years

*Weight – Male Dog 28 To 38 Kg and Female Dog 25 To 32 Kg

*Litter Size – 5 to 10 Puppy Average

*Height – Male Dog 22 to 24 inches and Female Dog 20 to 22.5 inches

Read Full Article For Full Information About Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is Medium Size Dog Breed. Its a most popular dog breed in Canada. Labra is very Friendly and Familiar Dog Breed . Its a very Play full Dog Breed For first time owner its a diamond breed. They require less care compare with other Dog breeds and long hair breeds Example German Shepherd or Golden Retriever. Its a very intelligent dog breed.
They needs regular exercise or walk otherwise they get over weight. Give balanced diet and dont give over diet to your dog for good health. One simple think is if you want to make healthy your dog give high quality dog food. If you are giving human food you don,t know what kind of nutrition and what,s quantity you give to your dog. Watch Your Dog Calorie Consumption According to Calorie Consumption Give Best Diet to Your Dog.

Fresh Water Should be Available All The Time. Lab can easily adjust in any Temperature like summer or winter. You can Easily Teach Some Obedience Training to Your Labrador Because They Get Training Without any Difficulty. Labrador Retriever Love To Play With Owner But You can say They are Not Loyal Friend They Love to Eat Only. If Someone Offer Treat They Can Go Easily With Others. Lab can easily adjust in any Temperature like summer or winter. You can Easily Teach Some Obedience Training to Your Labrador Because They Get Training Without any Difficulty. Labrador Love To Play With Owner But You can say They are Not Loyal Friend They Love to Eat Only. If Someone Offer Treat They Can Go Easily With Others. Labra is very intelligent dog breed you can teach your dog easily. You not need a trainer. They use in police, military, Rescue and detection dog. But they are not a guard dog.

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50 Dog names in English

Dog names
Most popular dog breed Golden retriever

Male dog names

1. Alex
2. Bruno
3. Buddy
4. Bunny
5. Buster
6. Cooper
7. Daniel
8. Diesel
9. Duke
10. Harley
11. Hunk
12. Jack
13. Jack
14. John
15. King
16. Max
17. Nina
18. Oscar
19. Rambo
21. Rocky
22. Sam
23. Scooby
24. Thor
25. Tom

Female dog names

1. Angel
2. Annie
3. Bella
4. Brandy
5. Candy
6. Cherry
7. Coca
8. Daisy
9. Ellie
10. Elsa
11. Honey
12. Jasmine
13. Jerry
14. Lilly
15. Lizza
16. Luna
17. Maggie
18. Molly
19. Princess
20. Rosie
21. Roxy
22. Ruby
23. Stella
24. Toby
25. Willy

50 Hindi Dog Names

Dog names


1. Aero
2. Akki
3. Arrow
4. Ballu
5. Bichu
6. Billu
7. Dilawar
8. Goldy
9. Heera
10. Jacky
11. Jimmy
12. Kalu
13. Kuku
14. Ladoo
15. Moti
16. Raja
17. Rocky
18. Shera
19. Sheru
20. Simbha
21. Sultan
22. Tiger
23. Tommy
24. Tuffy
25. Tyson


1. Avani
2. Chandra
3. Chhutki
4. Chinky
5. chunnu
6. Chmeli
7. Dorini
8. Gori
9. Jasmine
10. Kaali
11. Maaya
12. Maggie
13. Mohini
14. Molly
15. Nanhi
16. Pari
17. Rani
18. Resham
19. Rubi
20. Chinky
21. Sheela
22. Suhani
23. Tara
24. Titli
25. Zooly

Information About Golden Retriever Dog

Information about golden retriever dog


The Golden Retriever was originally bred in Scotland in the mid 19th century. At that time, hunting was a popular sport of the Scottish elite.


Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds. its a energetic, strong, playful and active dog breed. It is a medium size dog breed. This Dog Breed is very friendly and intelligent ( his intelligence makes him a highly capable working dog). They need regular exercise and regular grooming Because of its long coat dog breed. They have a double layer and wavy coat that’s why they need some extra care to compare with a short coat dog breed. Choose the right shampoo for your golden because long coat dog breeds need better quality shampoo for maintaining their coat.

Basically, there are three types of golden retriever breed

3. Canadian

They were named retriever because of their ability to retrieve shot game undamaged due to their soft mouth that retrieves shot waterfowl, such as ducks and upland birds.
You can easily train to basic or advanced obedience standard to your dog.
Golden’s have long coated dog breeds and need to daily basis combing for a smooth coat. love swimming and they are also natural athletes and do well in competitive obedience.

1. Dark golden
2. Light golden
3. Cream
4. white

The average height of a golden retriever Male dog ( 23 to 24 inches ). Female dog ( 21.5 to 22.5 inches).
Weight- In male dog ( 29 to 34 kg ). In female dog ( 25 to 29 kg ).
Average life span 10 to 12 years.

How to find a good quality golden retriever puppy

First, you can’t judge the quality of a puppy without seeing a mother and father. You have to buy and adopt the puppy from a reputable breeder and quality pedigree. Good breeder understands the importance of pedigree.

Follow This Link For Information Importance of Dog Deworming

Why deworming medicine is important for your dog

ANS- Deworming is a process of removing the worms from your dog stomach.

There are numbers of different worm that can infect your dogs. having a huge amount of intestinal worms can gradually wear down your dog reduce absorption of nutrients and lead to protein loss. it can be very dangerous for your dog.

*Deworming is important for reducing internal and external parasites intestinal worm are more common in dogs.

Types of Infestations in a Dog

Basically there are five common types of intestinal worm they are

  1. Hook-worms
  2. Round-worms
  3. Heart-worms
  4. Whip-worms
  5. Tape-worms

General Symptoms of Parasites in Dogs

  1. Vomiting
  2. Reduced energy level
  3. Belly pain
  4. nexplained weight loss
  5. Dehydration
  6. Anaemia
  7. Swelling on belly

Process of Deworming

In puppy, you have to deworm in the age of 14 days after the two-week gap again deworm your puppy. this process continues to do at the age of 8 weeks. when your dog’s age is three months plus you have to do deworm your dog monthly.